Wednesday, September 19, 2007

LOVE never dies...

When I am walking I stop for a while and think of the things that I don't have. Then, I realize that the happiest moment of all the people don't necessary have the best of everything that comes along our way. It's true that we don't have what we've got until we've lost it, but it is also true that we've been there until it arrives.

In the gateway of my heart I put the sign that says "NO TRESPASSING" but love comes laughing and says "I'LL ENTER EVERYWHERE". Love knows no reason, Love knows no lies, Love defies all reason, Love has no eyes, but Love is not blind. Love sees, but it doesn't mind. Love is when you take away the feeling,the passion, the romance, and you find out that you still care for the person. Love is supposed to be the wonderful feeling, it should inspire and gives you joy and strength. But sometimes the things that give you joy and strength are also the things that would hurt you in the end. It starts with a smile, develops with a kiss, and ends with a tear.

When you love, you must not expect something in return. Don't go for looks, it can deceive, don't go for wealth, even that fades away. Go for someone who makes you smile because only a smile can make a day seems bright...

Everything happens with a reason, when you feel down because you didn't get what you wanted, SIT, RELAX and WATCH people passing by. And most of all, be happy because God is thinking something better for you. We have no right to ask why sorrows come, unless we ask the same thing for every moment of happiness that comes our way."WHEN GOD PUT TEARS IN YOUR EYES; IT'S BECAUSE HE WANTS TO PUT A RAINBOW IN YOUR HEART."

There are things that we never want to let go, people we don't want to leave behind. But keep in mind that letting go is not the end of the world. It's the beginning of a new life. A heart in love never loses hope but always believes in the promise of love. No matter how long the time and how far the distance. Never say goodbye when you still want to try, never give up when you still can take it, never say you don't love th person when you can't let go."TRUE LOVE DOESN'T HAVE A HAPPY ENDING...THAT'S BECAUSE LOVE DOESN'T HAVE AN ENDING."

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

"My most valuable thing."

The most priceless being in my life is "MY FAMILY"(mother, father, sister, etc.),it's because without them I wouldn't be here by now, without them I wouldn't have a chance to meet people as nice as you do...and's you!:-p, and most of all,without them I wouldn't be able to see how wonderful the world is. I know all of us value our family the most..right?and if ever you say:"No,I don't value my family",I can only say two(2) words for you:"YOUR DAMN!".

I have a lot of reasons why I choose "MY FAMILY" as the most priceless being in the whole wide world,First,it's my choice...Second,they're the one who molded me as a responsible person by now,Lastly,they're the one who teaches me to choose from what is right and wrong. But being in a practical world some of us don't remember our family as the most important beings in this world, it's because most of us are being too materialistic,but who cares it's your choice,not mine...:-p,I don't need fancy cars or flashy jewelries,all I need is the presence of my family because for me being with my family is what makes my life worth living,(^_^).This is the only thing that I could say to people who are too materialistic,"Value your family especially your parents before it's too late".(n_n)

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Shy Type

This is a guy who is content to see the girl he likes once a day. One of his trademarks, so to speak is sending anonymous letters, cards and the like. Afraid that she might spurn her affection, he rarely admits his feelings to a girl. But don't be misled. Even the most powerful debater could be a shy type inside.

The shy type is the easiest kind of guy to turn down. A girl can say, "I don't know you were courting me" and send him to heartache land. On the other hand, the shy type can be cruel to a girl who adores him. Why? He seldom has the guts to come and take her heart away.

The Body Guard

This guy is one persistent leech - like character. He keeps following his prospect around wherever she goes. He can be her adviser, shoulder - to - cry - on, protector, driver, boy, etc. This guy is probably trying to prove that he is always there for her.

The body guard is perfect for girls who need a servant, not a lover. He is also best for timid weaklings who can't decide for themselves or do things on their own.

But for most independent, strong weild women, the body guard is the ultimate turn off.

The Goody - Goody Type

Of course every guy tries to show his good points to the girl he is courting. But this guy beats them all by making it appear that he is an angel descended from heaven. He also look so clean and innocent, you almost see a hallow over his head. No, he doesn't fool around with girls, he says, he is patient, understanding, caring he says.
The problem with this kind of guy is that most of the time, they are too good to be true. After a time, girls would notice certain quirks: he has bad temper, he stays 24 hours sometime at casinos, or fills his phone book with flirty sounding names of girls.

The Buyer

For the buyer, love is some kind of commercial trade, not so different from what makes Divisoria so noisy: "I give you what you want, but give me what I need".

Lavishness is the buyers mark: from Swiss chocolates to flashy jewelry, from designer clothes to fancy restaurants. Giving is only one side to him. Showing off is another. He often displays his flashy car, casually mentions his new real property and stocks acquisitions, mutters about the next trip to Hong Kong, and delights in all subtle. "I have money take all these have one message. I can give you more".

The buyer is perfect for the selfish girls who are willing to give anything just to hitch a ride to the "good" life. The buyer however may end up broke with the taker. The cunning girl will just accept what he gives, without giving anything in return.

Even if he has good intentions, the buyer is likely to offend many nice girls whose idea of good romance is least connected with grand and fabulous gifts and gimiks.

The Joker

No, not Batman's criminal enemy. The joker is one funny guy with a load of gags and one liners. When it comes to humor, he's natural. And he could jest his way to woman's heart and fills romance with laughter.
Laughter, it is said lightens up all human bodies, brightens the world and even brings good health. No wonder the joker is often a successful suitor.